"I grew up in the church and would have told you I knew who God was quite confidently. But, the truth was that a lot of who I thought God was came from lies I believed based on things that happened in my life. Beginning at the Set Free! retreat and in the weeks since, God has been showing who He really is. I didn’t really know who God was, but I’m definitely loving the God I’m beginning to know that he is!"
- Willow Park Church- Set Free! Retreat

"I have never been at a church where prayer is not just a ‘program’ but is actually the lifeblood of the whole church…. I have no doubt that for the rest of my life, I will look back on the Church Renewal weekend as being a pivotal point in my life and leadership."
- Sr. Pastor, St. Albert Alliance Church

"The highlight for me was the prayer summit. 1100 people praying was nothing short of amazing. It gave me hope for the church. At Southland, prayer is their DNA. I encourage (everyone) to go to the next Renewal Gathering in October (26-28). Take as many of your leadership as you can."
- Sr. Pastor, Promontory Church

"The Renewal Conference was inspiring and refreshing for me – professionally and personally."
- Community Life Pastor, Promontory Church

"The Church Renewal Leaders’ weekend at Southland Church was a pivotal life experience for me. It was as though the light to my understanding of what God has been whispering to me and so many others at our church was turned on to full-power. Immersed in the life of Southland church helped provide clear vision for the journey to becoming a God-centered, God-hearing, renewed Church."
- Pastoral Assistant, Northside Foursquare Church

"Prayer Summit was definitely a highlight – witnessing the younger praying over the older as God led them."
- Administrative Manager, North Langley Community Church

"Nothing has impacted our church like the Set Free! Retreat attended by our key leaders. The high quality practical and relevant teaching sowed the seeds of transformational healing and wholeness which has grown and is now bearing fruit in not only their lives but has rippled through the life of the church! We urge you to seize the opportunity to attend and discover for yourself the redemptive and restorative power of a God who longs for each church to reach its full potential. Set Free!  has mobilized us with a freshness and Spirit-filled renewal that we have been longing for. Thank you!"
- The Church At Pine Ridge

"A meaningful and thought provoking time with God. One of my highlights was learning about listening prayer, which after attending the retreat has been revolutionizing my spiritual life! …."
- Lake Country Church, BC

"The Set Free! was like no other weekend I have participated in. With a foundation of Biblical practices and a clear mandate to listen to God, I experienced deep life-change in this short weekend. The best part is that fruit continues to be produced in my life as a result of meeting with God. It was a powerful weekend with long-lasting effects…"
- Rockpointe Bearspaw, AB

"The Set Free! retreat gave me great insight into listening to the heart of God. I would recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to pursue hearing the heart of God more deeply in their life….."
- Lake Country Church, BC

"What the retreat teaches and offers has the potential to revolutionize your ministry and the people you lead. For far too long discipleship in the local church has been defined through programs leaving people full of information but lacking in actual transformation. Like you, I long to see people live in the fullness of life that Jesus promised (John 10:10). The fruit of an Set Free! Retreat is transformation!"
- Promontory Church, Chilliwack BC

"It was at an Set Free! weekend that I heard God more clearly than I had in a very long time. The experience awakened my need to talk to God more regularly. Later, I was on my knees before Him…then the strangest thing happened. I felt as though a struggle was taking place and then I felt peace. Among other things, Jesus told me to cut my hair and get a proper cut. I didn’t want to, but that morning I made an appointment. The woman who cut my hair said it was obvious that I didn’t want it cut, so she questioned why I was doing it. I proceeded to tell her exactly why I was getting it cut. I could see tears welling up in her eyes, and she said she couldn’t believe I was in her chair right then. She has a 15 year old daughter who has chosen to live on the street. She was getting psychiatric care, but that morning she had refused further care. In desperation this woman asked if there was anything she could do, and was told by the medical staff, ‘pray’. So there she was in the back of the salon crying. I was her next client. We hugged and cried after I told her my story, and then I told her how much Jesus loves her, and I think everyone else in the place thought we were nuts, but I didn’t care. Suddenly, the hair was not so important…and I knew, I heard Jesus speak. And I had obeyed!"
- anonymous