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A discipleship pathway that helps you grow in your faith and disciple others

Are you feeling distant from Jesus?

Struggling with sin and character issues?

Confused by today's world?

Unsure how to disciple others?

TheWay helps you connect with Jesus, grow in character, understand God's grand story, and disciple others.

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How it works

1. Practice

Engage with the lesson during your daily time with Jesus.

2. Connect

Share with your group what you've learned each week and support one another through friendship and prayer.

3. Grow

As you progress in the journey, you’ll get closer to Jesus and experience transformation.

4. Multiply

Inspire others in the practices you’ve been learning.

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Abide gave me the tools I had been looking for to grow deeper in my relationship with God and learn how to listen for that small, still voice. TheWay has impacted my life in a beautiful way and I hope to share that with others.

Diane Z

TheWay has been a turning point in my spiritual journey. TheWay devotionals provide a deeper level of understanding that is relevant to me. God speaks directly to me with love rather than judgement.

Frank P.

I’ve been a Christian for 40 years and I have never experienced hearing God’s voice until I started in Abide.


I facilitate a woman’s Abide group at my church and I can actually feel the difference the connection between the women has made in the culture of the church.

Brun S.

The Way series is foundational teaching to abide in Christ. In my experience, the daily devotionals and mentorship has been one of the best spiritually growing exercises.

Rick F.

One of the best decisions made for growing in my faith and creating a stronger foundation of belief was starting and continuing with TheWay.

Adam N.

As a Women’s ministry leader, I found myself searching for something to re-energize my Christian walk. I needed a spiritual Emergency Room. I stumbled on Church Renewal on the internet and am so thankful God led me to the Abide mentoring group and a Set Free retreat. I encourage anyone seeking resources, encouragement, prayer, or spiritual renewal to learn more about Church Renewal!

Holly F

Are you a pastor?

Are you a pastor looking to use TheWay in your church? TheWay is included alongside many other resources when you join a pastor's mentoring group.

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