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A Discipleship Movement to Renew and Equip the Church for Christ's Mission



May 26, 2022 | 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM CST

Global Gathering

Join us for this exciting time of Vision, Worship, and Encouragement! This event will be translated into Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

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A discipleship movement to renew and equip the Church for Christ's mission

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How we accomplish our mission

pastor mentoring in his office

Online Mentoring

Church Renewal offers mentoring-discipleship tracks for Lead Pastors (both genders), Marketplace Leaders (both genders), Women in Ministry, and General Discipleship. Small groups in each track meet online for one hour per week to discuss and put into practice an assigned lesson. The mentoring-discipleship season runs 32 weeks each year. This steady and systematic approach, modelled by Jesus, is most suitable for absorbing information, ensuring implementation, and preventing drift.


Because Church Renewal’s mandate is to renew and equip church leaders and saints alike, its content is comprehensive. Pastors receive 1500 pages of content through five levels, while the discipleship materials for the other tracks consist of ten series: Abiding in Christ, Grow Your Character, Prayer, Lead Well, God the Trinity, Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Warfare, End Times & Eternity, The Grand Story, and Apologetics.

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In order to encourage pastors and saints to effectively minister, mentor, and disciple others, we have formed easy-to-use tools so this can be done systematically and confidently. These tools are now being converted into easy-to-use apps, conveniently available at all times.

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Given Freely

To promote the spirit of generosity, the Lord directed Church Renewal not to charge for resources or for mentoring. Rather, we trust Him to provide through those He prompts to financially support this ministry. The only condition to receiving these resources is active participation in the mentoring track for which the materials are given. The resources are not for sale to non-participants.


"I started applying what I learned and began to see changes in my life. People began to notice as well the change in my passion for God. Church Renewal is slowly taking its roots in our church DNA as I begin to apply what I've learned and continue to take part in the weekly pastors mentoring. I could not thank God enough for bringing Church Renewal into my life and our church."

Pastor Jun Torres

This isn’t a program for church growth; it’s a movement of God to grow our relationship with God, our character, and our leadership. I highly recommend Church Renewal to all churches and church leaders, though it must start with lead pastors.

Rev. Brian Magnus, Bishop

Connecting with like-minded people from across Canada and learning and growing together has encouraged me to stay in the journey. And all the while I am learning to tune my ear to the voice of God. God is faithful!

Pastor Dwayne Dibben

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Church Renewal Staff

directors ray and fran

Founder and Director

Ray & Fran Duerksen

After leaving a flight career, Ray pastored two churches for a total of 30 years. Twenty-two of those years, he led Southland Church in Steinbach, Manitoba. The church grew from 150 people to over 4500 in attendance each weekend. During this time Ray learned about biblical principles and practices necessary for renewing a church. In 2012 Ray launched a ministry called Church Renewal. Over 1500 church leaders in 47 countries join in online mentoring each week.

eddy and cristina dubon

Directors for Latin America & Spain

Eddy & Cristina Dubon

Eddy and Cristina Dubon have been members of Southland Church since 2012. Cristina is from Mexico and Eddy is from Nicaragua / Guatemala. They served in different countries with Operation Mobilization for 7 years and with Campus Crusade for 13 years. They joined Church Renewal in March 2015. They have been married for 21 years and have two teenage children Annabeth and Samuel.

joshua and febe pantoja

Directors for South East Asia

Joshua & Febe Pantoja

Joshua & Febe Pantoja served the Lord in the Philippines for 10 years then pastored churches in Edmonton, Alberta for over 20 years. In April 2019, Church Renewal hired them as Directors for Southeast Asia based in Manila, Philippines. They have 3 adult sons and 3 grandchildren.

chris puhach

Director for North America

Chris Puhach

Chris Puhach has been involved with Church Renewal since Spring 2020 transitioning after 18 years of pastoral ministry. Chris has been married to his wife, Carolynn for 22 years. They have two adult children, Ashley and Joshua. Chris loves partnering with the Holy Spirit to see pastors encouraged and filled with God's vision for renewal.

Director for Marketplace Leaders Renewal

Paul & Mary Jane Neustaedter

A marketplace leader himself, Paul has developed and grown a few businesses and continues to be involved in business daily. He continues to help marketplace leaders grow in their faith journey with Christ in a functional way to affect their sphere of influence.

john and lorraine baergen

Church Renewal Ambassadors, North America

John & Lorraine Baergen

John & Lorraine Baergen’s ministry pursuits began in the local church and then moved to the parachurch. Leaving Willow Creek Canada, they joined the team at Church Renewal as Canadian Directors, which is where they served until assuming their present role! They have 2 sons and 3 grandsons. The Baergens reside in Lake Country, BC.

kim neufeld

Administrative Assistant

Kim Neufeld

Kim has been involved with Church Renewal since 2016. She enjoys working with and supporting the pastors and leaders who are in mentoring. Kim and her husband Travis have been married for 18 years and have 4 children.

tim unrau

Director of Technology

Tim Unrau

Tim has served Church Renewal since 2020. He is passionate about leveraging systems & technology to further the great commission of Christ's church. He has been married for 7 years and has two kids.

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